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Our rooms are unmatched in detail and function. You will be challenged, you will be stumped, you may not make it out.

(2 Person Minimum; 10 Person Maximum; Level of Difficulty: 8 out of 10)
You are part of an elite asset recovery team.  A key A gency asset, a Russian spy turned by the United States Government, has gone missing.  Given his access to Secure Compartmentalized Information (SCI), his recovery is paramount to national security.  You have one hour to search the Agency safe house – his last known location – figure out where he is, and report his whereabouts back to Command. 

And as always, if you or any member of your team is captured or killed, the Agency will disavow all knowledge of your actions....................Good luck.  You’ll need it..  

(2 Person Minimum; 10 Person Maximum; Level of Difficulty:  7 out of 10)
Everyone gets in trouble at some point. What you do when you find yourself locked in a classroom with the other unruly students is up to you. Here's the thing though, in a hour the monitor will return and chances are you will Never. Get. Out. Whether you are a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal, it is up to you to start a ruckus and escape detention. 

(4 Person Minimum; 8 Person Maximum; Level of Difficulty:  9+ out of 10!)

You awaken to darkness, and realize you are trapped…a captive in a room you cannot see.  You scream, but no one can hear you.  Or can they?  You hear something move.  There is someone in there with you.  Is it HIM??  No, thankfully HE is gone…but HE WILL be back.  And you have 60 short minutes to free yourself and your fellow captives from his twisted lair.  But HURRY!  You remember what happened to the last group he caught trying to escape…

NOTE:  You WILL be shackled and experience a brief period of total darkness in this room.


(2 Person Minimum; 8 Person Maximum; Level of Difficulty 8 out of 10)

Earth's nuclear holocaust is over and after several years the air is finally breathable again. The Shelter Network has unlocked the airlock for one hour. If the airlock is not utilized in that hour the Network will assume everyone is dead and seal the shelter forever. It is up to you follow the clues and unravel the puzzles the caretaker created to ensure his safety.  In the end it led to his demise....will it lead to yours??